Addition with Two Stories

Expanding or enhancing your home can be a game-changer, whether accommodating a growing family or upgrading for better functionality. At NW Residential, we specialize in thoughtful additions that transform your space without necessarily adding vast square footage. From extending kitchens for improved practicality to indulging in luxurious master suites or creating cozy family areas, we tailor solutions to your needs.

Staying in a cherished neighborhood while revamping your home is entirely feasible with our expertise. Whether expanding outward or transforming an unfinished basement, we ensure your space evolves with you. Our focus isn’t just on size but on optimizing form and function to create a harmonious living environment.

Your home is more than just a structure—it’s a reflection of your lifestyle. With NW Residential, your vision becomes a reality. We’re committed to crafting spaces that blend seamlessly with your needs, ensuring your home is the perfect sanctuary you’ve always imagined.

Featured Home Additions


This Beaverton home addition added light and functionality to our client’s space. Learn more about this featured project that includes a new sun room and a loft crafting space.

Addition Added to Garage

In this 520-square-foot master suite addition, we seamlessly integrated the space atop an existing garage, optimizing both space and functionality. Additionally, we enhanced the home’s exterior by adding a porch cover, injecting architectural interest into the 1960s design.

Addition with Family Room

This 200sf addition was added onto the back of this small 1940’s home. A brick chimney was removed, and an electric panel moved in order to put this new family room where the homeowner desired. Several large windows make the space feel large, bright and inviting for its owners and guests.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Philippe is a highly organized contractor who is a good communicator and problem solver. He helped us actualize our design by using high quality sub-contractors and his own expertise in finishing our project. He carefully outline the scope of work and provided a clear timeline that he met. Philippe kept us informed about the project details and our options for solving issues related to joining our new construction with the older style of our home. We added on a few items such as plumbing upgrades that connected the upstairs with the remodeled areas. He stayed on budget and helped us pass all of the city of Tigard’s inspections promptly. Many of the sub-contractors mentioned to me how much they enjoyed working with Philippe over many years. Philippe is dedicated to providing a quality project that is on time and on budget. His calm demeanor helped to make the experience of remodeling as easy as possible. I would highly recommend Philippe @ NW Residential Inc. to anyone and we plan to hire him again to help us enclose our front porch to improve the safety of our entry area.

Ann K.

We engaged NW Residential in mid-2018 to build an addition to our one floor house in Beaverton and to also re-model internally, to split a large family room into a small bedroom, a full bathroom, and a laundry room. This was a sizeable, and moderately complex project, which involved the demolition of a brick chimney and half of a patio, the addition of new room onto a house built in 1945, the replacement of an older electrical panel and movement of our main electrical supply, and substantial plumbing work. Philippe was efficient, in control, and highly conscientious. He chose very professional and qualified subcontractors and we found the communication and coordination to be excellent. Philippe estimated that the project would be done within three months, and it took exactly three months to the day. Philippe did a lot of the internal finishing work, which was perfectly done. Despite reaching out to many contractors, we were unable to get multiple bids, so it is difficult to provide a cost comparison with other contractors, but the cost of the project appeared to be reasonable and significantly less than some of the larger design-build firms would have charged. Philippe was also very responsive to any concerns we had about cost, and gave us good advice on where we could cut corners and where it would not be advisable to do so. The house looks great, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. We highly recommend NW Residential and Philippe.

Marc B.